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Michelle Jaques

Michelle will offer treatments throughout the whole of 2020.
Beauty is only skin deep or is it?  Treatments with Michelle Jacques, a therapist with over 20 years in the beauty industry go much deeper than skin, how you feel after has a physical and a physiological effect on your body and mind to feel good depending on your needs. With in her experience of a wide range of world travel from Australia to Ibiza she has picked up added skills for her clients. 
She feels a professional will always be open to learn new skills to add to an interesting career. 
The best part of Michelle’s job is that she loves what she does. She loves that she gets to chat to people all day and get to know them, and to make them feel better about themselves at the same time, they always leave happier than when they arrived with increased confidence and love for themselves, which is so important. 
Working in Ibiza feels like a dream job to her with magical  Es Vedrà magnetic energy to help keep her tuned in. She feels very lucky to have the opportunity to work and live on such a beautiful island and that energy will shine through her work.

A list of prices will be added soon of all treatments available , last updated 5.1.20

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Ayurvedic yoga massage 



The Ayurvedic Massage Jeannette is offering is a is a combination of different techniques, e.g. Ayurvedic and Traditional Thai Massage, Yoga and Rebalancing, using some knowledge of Alexander Technique.


She works with deep and alternating reassuring strokes supported by the use of sesame oil and calamus powder which activates the skin cells, allows firm work and gives you the feeling of an exfoliation.


Stretching is used in order to open joints and ease muscle tensions, conscious breathing while receiving the massage increases your awareness.


Since the treatment takes place on a mat on the floor, the feet can be used as another massage tool, in order to give more pressure, covering a bigger surface, by "walking" on the back, arms, legs, depending on the client.


The whole body massage promotes correct posture, helps to release toxins, leads to tension release, deep relaxation and a better energy flow - and is a wonderful addition to a Yoga practice. 


Jeannette is german and lived in Europe and several countries in Asia over the last 12 years. Trained in Traditional Thai Massage in 2001 and Seed Ayurvedic Massage in 2005, she also attended workshops in Reiki, Footreflexology, Mobile Massage and Watsu.


After spending a lot of time in India, where she assisted many times at her favourite massage courses, Jeannette is now feeling at home in Ibiza and is looking forward to give treatments for Ibiza Yoga in her fifth season.


The massage takes either :

approximately 75 minutes including consultation and relaxation and costs  €. 90

or 105 minutes including consultation and relaxation costs  €.120



Booking a Therapist in 2017

To complement our daily yoga classes we have independent practitioners of various disciplines offering on site group or individual sessions.

To book a therapist/session:

Therapists may be introduced at the welcome meeting on Sunday.  You can book a massage / treatment directly with the therapist or email us and we can put you in touch with the therapist via email or phone so that you can book direct with them.

Costs will vary depending on the practitioner and choice of practice. Payments in CASH only to the therapist please.

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