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Volunteer Programs

Do you just want a change from the old routine?  Then volunteering at Ibiza Yoga Ltd, could be just what you need, making new friends and meeting people from all over the world. We have a variety of volunteering options available so if you fancy having a go at cooking, sweeping, laundry, chit-chatting with our guests or even getting your hands dirty gardening  - then complete the below form at the bottom of the page :


Option 1:  Volunteer 12 hours, participate in 6 hours of Yoga. Accommodation and 1/2 board food. You pay £300/ €360 per week Summer // £125 / €148 per week Winter.

2 hours a day for 4 days a week and 4 hours on a Saturday.  


Option 2: Volunteer, 12 hours, participate in 6 hours of Yoga. Accommodation and 1/2 board food.  You pay £315 / €378 per week Summer // £185 / €220 per week Winter   2 hours a day 4 days a week and 4 hours on a Saturday 2 Days off  


Option 3: Participate in our full yoga program of 12 hours per week, Volunteer 12 hours divided as 3 hours per day.  5 hours on a Saturday. You pay £400 /€481 per week Summer // £195 / €230 per week Winter  5 hour a day 4 days a week Mon-Sat inclusive.


Option 4 Free: Accommodation and 1/2 board food.  25 hours of volunteering.  One day off per week.  No yoga included. If you want Yoga classes they are €5 per hour


Option 5: You pay ( €100 per week in the winter and €150 in the summer)

for accommodation and 1/2 board food plus 18 hours volunteering - hours spread over 6 days per week. 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, one day off and 2 classes of yoga per week..This option suits volunteers wanting to come for periods of a week or two but, equally open to long-term stayers. If you want to stay long term, after one month of being on Option 5 the rate drops to ( €80 per week in the winter and €125 in the summer) 

Option 6: Volunteer 15 hours, no yoga, breakfast only and not the one meal a day. £200 / €275 per week Summer // £110 / €130 per week Winter.   Hours each day from Monday to Friday  3 hours per day.


Option 7  Chef role with yoga. If you want to mix option 4 with option 1, You pay £200 / €232 per week Summer // £110 / €130 per week Winter. payable for 6 hours yoga ( 3 classes) plus cook on 3 days each of 4 hours long. So in total 12 hours of chef volunteering. The meal takes 3 hours plus 1/2 hour before to prepare the kitchen and a 1/2 hour to tidy up.  


Option 8  Chef role WINTER ONLY  Cook one meal a day 6 days a week for probably between 6-12 people,   Vegetarian and Vegan cooking skills essential/experience required. We shall have a small team during the early months of 2022 consisting of a yoga teacher, manager, and up to six volunteers.


Option 9: but without yoga Is the same as option 4 above but instead of doing household duties you do gardening or a mixture of the two. This position requires gardening experience.  Accommodation and 1/2 board. FREE You do not pay. 


Option 10: Gardener with yoga  6 hours of yoga and 18 hours of gardening per week. You pay £170 /  €200 per week Summer // £120 / €145 per week Winter.  Ideally requires gardening experience. Accommodation and 1/2 board.  4 hours day 4 days a week. + 2 hours on the 5th day. 2 and 1/2 days off 


Option 11: Free.  Drop in classes If you are already on the island and you don't want accommodation or food, you can volunteer for the drop in classes only.  We ask for 2 hours volunteering in exchange for one 2 hour class. The volunteering is done prior to the day the class is take.


Option 12  Assist the teacher With two days off per week. You require a European Yoga instructors Insurance Policy for this option. Price you pay £300 per week Summer.  £354 for July & Aug. Winter £185 // €220 per week.  Includes light volunteer work to make hours up to 4 per day. Includes 1/2 board & accommodation.


Option 13  Free. Yoga Teacher option. Accommodation and Breakfast included.  Come for as little as 2 weeks or longer.  You need liability insurance for this role and to be a qualified yoga teacher.  Teach 2 hours for 6 days a week. Saturday off.  If we don't have any students attending any particular week,  this role requires you to help out for a total of 25 hours per week. Doing basic tasks such as laundry, sweeping, light gardening, to keep the villas and grounds clean and tidy.  


Option 14  Therapist option.  If you are a qualified therapist and wish to come and offer your services to our guests and at the same time enjoy half of the retreat yourself.  Half the yoga classes (6 hours of yoga in 6 days) and 1/2 board food You pay, €300 per week summer for shared accommodation. This package is not available in the winter. You need an insurance policy that covers you for any hands-on activities. We take 20%

of your income through the therapy work. 

Option 15 If you are a qualified therapist and wish to come and offer your services to our guests and have no yoga, included is 1/2 board food £200 per week summer, £300 in July and August. £150 per week Winter. Email for further details along and apply below. You need a therapist insurance policy that covers you for any hands-on massage. 


Option 16 : Volunteer instructor (not yoga teacher)You pay £245 per week Summer / £125 per week Winter.: Accommodation and half board. 

Teaching 2-3 unpaid workshops during the yoga week, in addition, 8 hours volunteer, 3  free yoga classes which are half the weekly yoga retreat. The instructor should be able to offer 2-3 different workshop that is not yoga, but in some way has a connection to the word yoga  "union", the union of body, mind, and soul.   We take 15% of any monies bought in through offering workshops.


Option 17: Chef role without yoga:  Anytime between Easter 2022 to the end of October.  We are looking for a chef to cook 6 days a week a veg/veggie meal. Accommodation and all food provided.  Chef experience required. One day off a week which is Saturday. Minimum stay 2 weeks. 


Option 18: is an option waiting to be written - it can be tailor made to your requirements ?


Option 19 Paid Yoga Teacher , If you bring one fully paid student we shall pay you €150, if you bring 2 guests, €200 and 3 guests, €300. If you bring any more than one student we shall also contribute €100 towards your flight.  You may also bring a friend who can share your accommodation and enjoy the yoga retreat for €300 for the week including food. Your guests does not count towards or qualify as a fully paid guest.  This option is only available from Easter to Haloween and suits yoga teachers with a strong social media presence. 


Option 20, A combination or Option 13 and Option 4, with this option, you may teach one day and do ordinary volunteering the next day. As sometimes all the volunteers are trained teachers so we alternate the classes to keep it interesting for the guests.  This is a new option for 2022 Season. 


Option 21:  25 hours of gardening and if there is no gardening to do then the usual household chores as stated in the info that will be sent.  1/2 board with provisions for the 2nd meal of the day. Accommodation Tent to begin with, gradually upgrading - as the 2022 seaon closes. We do not pay and you do not pay. 

Options for payment are; credit card or PayPal which incur a small fee. Bank transfer into a Euro or GBP account? 


The exchange rate between Great British Pounds and the Euro change daily.  The above GBP to Euro is for guidance purposes only.  Please feel free to calculate using today's exchange rate.


Provided by Ibiza Yoga Ltd to you :

On-site accomodation, easter to halloween - shared, tent, tipi, hammock, coverted garage, pagoda  halloween to easter shared room in Casita,


Breakfast, one cooked vegetarian meal per day. The very basic ingredients for you to make your 2nd meal of the day, rice, beans, pasta, bread. 


Fruit, juices teas and coffee available 24/7


Bath and Hand towel


Cooking Facilities inside either the Casita or Villa Nova at designated times.


Check out 'our meal' page on the web it gives details of the daily meal plus all the breakfast items that are available to you 24/7    http://www.ibizayoga.com/menu.php


Volunteers can share accommodation. 


You are required to bring the following no matter which option you choose: A Beach towel as we do not supply them.


Not included in your hours Whether you have done your hours for the day, you help unload provisions / food , water, groceries and pack them away in the kitchen, If you are at the centre, on every occassion food arrives at the centre this is a requirement, just as you would at home, when you get home from the grocery store.

Washing up your own pots pans, dishes, drying them and putting them away. Doing your own laundry.  Cleaning, tidying, your own space. Changing your bedding. 


Please note included in your hoursOne evening per week, you are required to be at the yoga centre and check in guests. This is a sit and wait session.  We rotate this duty, it is included in your hours.  This evening can start at 5pm and end at 11pm equally we may ask you just to be avaialble for a short time span, like 1 hour. Say between 8pm to 9pm to check a guest in. 


Funds are required to supplement your stay, we suggest in the region of £60  / €70 per week. If asked for proof of funds, you do not need to show paper work, just tell us you have them will suffice. We do not want you arriving with no money. 


Flight and Transfers  (unless otherwise stated) The volunteer pays his / her own flight and transfers to and from Ibiza and the retreat. We may supplement the transfer fee. Transfer to us by cab from airport is €55/60, we may offer this at €40. There are buses for €10 to San Miguel our closest town 6 kilometres away and a cab from there is €12.


The majority of the program consists of cleaning the retreat.  You need to work well alone and in a team. 


Please note we are located a 3-minute walk along a private path to the beautiful Benirras beach famous for the Sunday Drummers


The Summer is from Easter to Haloween and Winter is 1st November to Easter


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