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Coronavirus Update 


I shall make regular updates on this page, today is 30th March 2020.

We are currently closed and with flights canceled for the foreseeable future. 

We have only accepted deposits from future guests, those deposits will become credit notes for the future. Usually, deposits are non-refundable but we are not exercises that term and will continue them over on to another date of your choice. With matters so much up in the air at the moment, we would say - leave bookings where they are at the moment until you have to change them due to flights canceled. 

We understand that the prediction is, we MAY be in 'lockdown' in several European countries until the end of May.

If you need a copy of your receipt for your insurance company we can supply this readily. 

In the coming days, we shall add our 2021 dates so changing your booking will be straightforward. 

I have marked up April as fully booked due to the Corona Virus as I cant see flight resuming until after this time. The last week of September and the first week of October remain unavailable as we have hired our place to as Alison who will run her own retreats a link to her web-site will soon appear in the coming days, so you can book via our website to hers. 

Many thanks for bearing with us during this difficult for everyone period. 


Coronavirus Precautions.


The below information and points are only valid when we reopen.

With the recent cases of coronavirus across the world, we would like to take this opportunity to remind our guests of some sensible precautions and good hygiene practice that you should take when staying with us. 


We have only accepted deposits from future guests, those deposits will become credit notes for the future


Catch It – Germs spread easily. Always carry tissues and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. We have tissue available in all of our leisure centers.


Bin It – Germs can live for several hours on tissues. Dispose of your tissue as soon as possible.


Kill It – Hands can transfer germs to every surface you touch. Clean your hands often using soap and water. Do not shake your hands dry but you can allow them to dry naturally.


Yoga Matts - Our mats are washed frequently in the washing machine at a high temperature, we always provide clean mats at the beginning of your week. 


Thank you for helping us keep the yoga retreat clean and preventing the spread of viruses.


About Ibiza Yoga

Ibiza Yoga is now in its twentieth year. Undoubtedly the best-located retreat on the island, closest to the best beach and best value for money.

Our mission is to help people lead a healthier, more fulfilling life by making yoga, holistic health treatments, and vegetarian/vegan food accessible at affordable prices.

We offer:

- Open 365 days of the year.

- First-class yoga tuition from dedicated teachers 

- Many styles of yoga and many teachers to choose from.

- Classes steered toward modified ashtanga and vinyasa flow but many other influences included.

- Studios in both London & Ibiza

- a 3-minute walk to Benniras beach from Villa Roca and the Pagoda garden along a private path


- an affordable yoga holiday retreat in a beautiful setting 

- Spacious shaded rooftop studio with far-reaching valley views.


- freshly prepared, wholesome vegetarian / vegan meals cooked daily on-site

100% you will not find a better priced better-located retreat on the island 

- We welcome long and short term, yoga and non- yoga guests

- We advertise on yoga agent and non-yoga agent websites for nonyoga guests

- Winter retreats from November to Easter hold 1 to 4 students, yoga is indoors 2-hour class daily. 

- Summer classes hold up to 20 students. and classes are 3 hours long you don't have to do the full 3 hours. 


January 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm
February 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm
March 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 10am-12.30pm no yoga 
April 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10am-1pm on saturdays
May 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10-1pm all year 
June 2.30-5.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 2.30-5.30pm 9.30-12.30 round its our 
July 3.30-6.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 3.30-6.30pm 9.30-12.30 day off !! and 
August 3.30-6.30pm 9am-12pm 9am-12pm 9am-12pm 3.30-6.30pm 9-12.30 change over 
September 3.30-6.30pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 3.30-6.30pm 10am-12.30pm day for the yoga
October 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10am-1pm retreat guests 
November 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm
December 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm