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Are you a student , desperate housewife or bored in your retirement ?

Do you just want a change from the old routine?  Then volunteering at Ibiza Yoga could be just what you need, making new friends and meeting people from all over the world.  We have a variety of volunteering options available so if you fancy having a go at cooking , sweeping , laundry , chit chatting with our guests or even getting your hands dirty gardening  - then complete the below form! 

We are now closed now for yoga and reopen 1st April 2017 there is a winter volunteer option please scroll to bottom of page to read it if interested. We currently have one vounteer. 

9 Options available for 2017 book early to avoid dissappointment all options go fast.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to make your application.

Please note Option 4 5 7 & 9 are FREE.  

Option 1 : Volunteer 30 hours, participate in 9 hours of Yoga . Accommodation and 1/2 board food. You pay £250 / €277 per week  5 hour day during Mon - Fri 9am to 12.00 noon  & 5pm to 7pm.

Option 2 : Volunteer 20 hours , participate in 9 hours of Yoga. Accommodation and 1/2 board food .
You pay £300 / €333 per week   5 hour day 4 days a week Mon - Sat inclusive.

Option 3 : Participate in our full yoga program of 18 hours per week , Volunteer 20 hours divided as : 3 hours per day plus 5 hours on a Saturday. You pay £350 /€388 per week  5 hour day 4 days a week Mon - Sat inclusive.

Option 4  Free :  Accommodation and 1/2 board food.  40 hours volunteering .  Hours divided as : A 6 day week. One day off. 6 hours per day. 8 hours on a Saturday. 2 spare hours used variously. One yoga class on your day off.   FREE / You do not pay anything.  6 hour day 5 days a week 9am - Noon  5pm - 7 pm Remainder on Saturday.

Option 5 :  Chef role without yoga.   Prepare Cook and Tidy up .  3 1/2 hours per day 6 days a week. Accommodation and 1/2 board food but sadly no yoga as the one daily meal is cooked while the yoga class is in progress. This position is initially overseen by our in house professional chef. The 2016 menu is on written on paper and available for use but you are welcome to tweek the dishes it to your own taste/s.  Chef Experience required. Saturday is your day off if you cook 6 days.  FREE You do not pay.  Please do not apply for this role (10.2.17) as the position for the season has now gone.  I leave number 5 here , on line - ready for next season 2018. thank you for understanding.

Option 6  Chef role with yoga. If you want to mix option 4 with option 1 , You pay £200 / €222 payable for 9 hours yoga ( 3 classes) plus cook on days each of 4 hours long. So in total 12 hours of chef volunteering .The meal takes 3 hours with 1/2 hour before to prepare kitchen and and a1/2 hour to tidy up . 

Option 7 : Gardener without yoga Is the same as opiton 4 above but instead of doing household duties you do gardening or a mixture of the two . This position requires gardening experience .  Accommodation and 1/2 board . FREE You do not pay

Option 8 : Gardener with yoga  If you want to mix option 5 with option 1 , You pay £250 /  €277  payable for 9 hours yoga ( 3 classes) plus 30 hours of gardening per weeik. Ideally requires gardening experience . Accommodation and 1/2 board.  5 hour day during Mon - Fri 9am to 12.00 noon  & 5pm to 7pm.

Option 9 : Drop in classes If you are already on the island and you dont want accommodation or food , you can volunteer for drop in classes only.  We ask for 3 hours volunteering in exchange for one 3 hour class. FREE You do not pay

Below is all correct from 1st April 2017 to end of Oct 2017 after Oct 2017 for the winter period we do not supply the meal or the breakfast.

Provided by Ibiza Yoga Ltd to you :

Bed and Breakfast 

One cooked vegetarian meal per day

Fruit , juices teas and coffee 

Bath , beach & hand towels. 

Cooking Facilities inside of the Casita and Villa Roca at certain times.

Check out 'our meal' page on the web it gives details of the daily meal plus all the breakfast items that are available to you 24/7    http://www.ibizayoga.com/menu.php

Volunteers can share a double room . It is sometimes possible to have your own room but not usually in high season. 

Please note we are located a 3 minute walk along a private path to the beautiful Benirras beach famous for the Sunday Drummers

Funds are required to supplement the 1/2 board food provision. Possible to live on around roughy £50 per week / €60.

Flight and Tranfers  The volunteer pays his / her own flight and tranfers to and from Ibiza and the retreat.

The majority of the program consists of cleaning the retreat .  You need to work well alone and in a team. The program/s last a minimum of one week and a maximum of 3 months. A full description of duties and conditions will be provided on application. 

Volunteers have been known to be :

  • a previous guest who knows how Ibiza Yoga operates and enjoys the ambience of the retreat.
  • a professional person, financially self sufficient taking a sabbatical.
  • a person wanting a volunteering holiday.
  • a character that is, happy, helpful, spiritual, yogic, teacher, team player, good communicator, flexible, accommodating with a good sense of humour.
  • someone who wants to develop their yoga practise or to study yoga

Accepted applicants must submit the information set below:

  1. A clear recent head & shoulders photograph of yourself
  2. A copy of your travel insurance to cover you for loss of possessions and personal injury. If you do not have a scanner or photo phone you can present the insurance on arrival at the retreat. 
  3. Confirmation that you have funds to cover your time in Ibiza.
  4. Brief CV (only required for Option 4 5 & 7)
  5. 1 reference is required  (only required for Option 4 5 &7 if a photograph and travel insurance are not received
  6. A copy of your European Health Insurance Card Free from UK post offices If you are not a UK citizen your travel insurance will suffice.
All follow up email correspondence will be with sarah@ibizayoga.com .  

Please understand that when the season gets into full swing , we only have a few spaces available for the volunteer program.  Some volunteers spend weeks emailing me back and forth while making the decision which is fine but understand that while that process is taking place sometimes is the case someone else makes a qucker decision and the space that has been discussed for weeks is no longer availble. I will not email you to explain that,  I will only explain that when emailed/ asked. The reason being is I may be corresponding with several people and time does not allow. Please understand that your place is only secure / 100% guaranteed once you have booked your flights.  All the chats , emails prior to that only truly relevant once your booking is made.  I thank you for understanding. 

Please clearly state the dates you are available (dd/mm/yy) + your selected option.

Read the following if you are interested in staying over the autumn / winter / spring time  2017 / 2018 :-

WINTER IN IBIZA from today until our Opening Date of 1st April 2017

If you would like to join us during the winter months , you will experience a whole different time in Benirras - the bars and restaurants close in early November . The beach is quiet apart from the odd dog walker or hippy smoking a joint and playing guitar.  The Sunday drumming sessions are still in full swing , a hundred or so folk gather around a camp fire and play bongos until it becomes too cold to continue.  

The area is fabulous , a real retrreat vibe but without the yoga as we are closed.  Being that we have alot of accommodation and alot of work takes place during the winter. 

If you join us in addition to some of the items mentioned in the summer season the types of volunteer duties in the winter include :

Help with the closing of the retreat which involves , stacking beds , washing and pressing all laundry ,emptying of pagodas of bits and pieces , conditioning the wood where necessary , doing some much needed gardening, painting a room or two , tidying and cleaning Villa Nova after the long season , feeding the duck , cats and dog walking. Organisation of the garage area.   Clean the vehicles and mopeds , cover and store for the winter months.  Some office work , assist with book keeping and filing .

We currently (14.2.17) have one volunteer but could do with one more to work in a small team.

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