About Ibiza Yoga

Ibiza Yoga is now in its eighteenth year. Undoubtedly the best located yoga retreat on the island , closest to the best beach and the best value for money.

Our mission is to help people lead a healthier, more fulfilling life by making yoga, holistic health treatments and vegetarian food accessible at an affordable price .

We offer:

- First class yoga tuition from some dedicated teachers 

- teaching many styles of yoga

- Classes steared more in the direction of modified ashtanga and vinyasa flow. 

- a 3 minute walk to Benniras beach from Villa Roca and the Pagoda garden along a private path

- an affordable yoga holiday retreat in a beautiful setting 

- Spacious shaded roof top studio with far reaching valley views.

- freshly prepared, wholesome vegetarian meals cooked daily on site

- note - you will not find a better priced better located retreat on the island 

- Ibiza Yoga Ltd advertises on several agent websites. We welcome yoga / non yoga and 

  short / long stay guests. 


January 2019 closed in Jan 

February 2019 closed  in Feb

March 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 10am-12.30pm no yoga 
April 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10am-1pm on saturdays
May 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10-1 all year 
June 2.30-5.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 2.30-5.30pm 9.30-12 round its our 
July 3.30-6.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 9.30am-12.30pm 3.30-6.30pm 9.30-12 day off.
August 3.30-6.30pm 9am-12pm 9am-12pm 9am-12pm 3.30-6.30pm 9-12
September 3.30-6.30pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 3.30-6.30pm 10am-12.30pm
October 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10am-1pm
November 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 10am12.30pm
December 2018 closed  in December