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If you want to be a teacher at Ibiza Yoga please click here.

We have many teachers in store for you this summer .  Coming from far a field and keen to offer their own take on the various dynamic styles of yoga available these days.  Our scedule is pretty much full now and below are the dates of each teacher along with a brief biography and some words to desribe what a class with any given teacher will be like.  Most teachers stay for around two to three weeks which makes staying with us long term very interesting from the point of view of immersing yourself in the teachings of many great yoga teachers.  

Please read the biography of your chosen week so you are familiar with the style and form of your teacher.  

The level of yoga is mixed general which is designed to suit student of all levels from beginner to intermediate. 

2019 teachers are being organised now so far we have the following teachers joining us :  


Hugh Poulton


Tina Russo


Sarah Griffith 


Ness Lee


Rena Lambri 



 :                                                                                        Federica Rossi

Mascha Kuchejda


If you are a teacher and would like to teach in 2019 please email us ASAP we are filing the space now (27.11.18)

Alison Fuller

Teaching 2nd to 7th June and again 16th to 21st June 


I fell in love with yoga as soon as my feet touched the mat several years ago. I have since completed two teacher trainings in India. I completed 200 hours Hatha and Ashtanga in Rishikesh 2016 and then a 300 hours Hatha and Vinyasa in Dharamsala 2017. I run regular classes and workshops of my own in the UK Brighton. The classes integrate all aspects of a traditional yoga class such as breath awareness, postures, sun salutations and some creative flowing sequences. Both dynamic and relaxing my classes have been described as strong yet meditative. I have recently been volunteering teaching yoga at a hospital for people with mental health challenges, the transformation on the ward through yoga has been so amazing to watch and I'm really proud to have been part of such a rewarding project. I teach from the heart and can adjust to different types of people/levels.

In my spare time I'm usually attending gong baths, hiking up hills and mountains, teaching at yoga retreats, travelling the world, om-ing it out at yoga festivals, dancing around to music and studying the astrological stars.
I am unable to be contacted online currently. Please check back regularly as this will be sorted out soon.

Tina Russo

Tina is teaching between December 2018 and Easter 2019. Including Christmas day.

Tina Russo was Born on December 7th, 1968 in Toronto, Canada and I graduated after 4 years of College with an Arts diploma.

After years of study of living with my inner struggles, I attended Acting classes and was involved in the Acting & Film industry!

During that time i become deeply involved on a journey of Spiritual Detoxing, to discover my own Inner Happiness.

Through my inner desire to find this happiness & renewal of my spirit, deep within my soul. I was guided to a practice that comes from my cells memory, the discovery of my Passion, Yoga.

As my journey with my Passion continues after 16years, I have become a silent witness to my own well-being.  Aware and observing without judgement or expectations, my breath brings me in touch with my own soul.

The transformation of mind, body and spirit.  The yoke, the union, has inspired and transformed my physical and mental well-being.

Achieving a balance in my everyday life reaching a state of inner calmness, that brings a beautiful sense of peace.

My love for my practice keeps moving up the ladder of enlightenment! I am registered and recognized by the U.S. Yoga Alliance with over 500RYT,my training techniques in Hatha,Vinyasa flow,Ashtanga,Yin yoga, Bhakti, Restorative, chair yoga, SATCHIDANANDA,Sivananda,Iyengar,yoga therapy,kids yoga, kritan,meditation

Today I am dedicated to sharing my blessings and passion with people who are guided to the journey of practice yoga.

I am a Independent Yogini,I am registered and recognized by the U.S. Yoga Alliance with over 500RYT,my studies,training and techniques are in Hatha,Vinyasa flow,Ashtanga,Yin yoga, Bhakti, Restorative, chair yoga,SATCHIDANANDA,Sivananda,Iyengar, yoga therapy,kids yoga, kritan,meditationsince 2009 and also a freelance writer and Photographer and been on a journey of travel through India and Europe for the past 3years.  I teach private yoga classes and love to do energy healing upon request.  Presently I am living in Spain’s Balearic Islands between Mallorca & now Ibiza,with the beauty of Mother Nature surrounding me.  My Love for Yoga goes beyond 15years of Appreciation and all its Healing Powers along my journey in life.  I am Happy to be a witness to the grand evolution of the practice of Yoga being loved in Abundance.  To give back to more people willing to embrace this beautiful practice is a blessing of my spirit and brings me great Joy


Contact Me: This is to contact the teacher in regards to the teacher teaching at Ibiza Yoga. A copy of your email will be sent to the London office and where applicable it will also be answered.


Harijati was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. During her medical studies – she’s graduated as a doctor at the Atma Jaya University - she already had a strong interest in physical education. That is why she also followed a sports education in parallel to her study. Afterwards she always combined her work as a professional in the medical sector with giving personal training and group classes.
In 2003 Harijati moved to Belgium and followed several additional studies, such as Nutritional Sciences at the University of Ghent and Master in the management of health data at the VUB. Since then she has worked as Clinical Data Manager in the clinical research in pharmaceutical industry.
As with her medical career, Harijati puts a lot of effort to gain thorough training for her career as a professional sports instructor. This is the reason why she chose to follow the Pilates Teacher Training Course via Peak Pilates in 2009, which is one of the leading institutes where the ‘classical system of Pilates’ is taught. Currently she has level 3 (advanced) Pilates teacher certification.
In 2014 Harijati completed the 200 hours full-immersion Teacher Training Course at YogaLife, which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. She soon discovered that Pilates and Yoga have a lot of similarities in both disciplines: synchronizing breath and movement to improve strength and flexibility. Pilates puts emphasize on ‘core strength’ which is also needed in doing Yoga asanas. The advantages from both disciplines also extend outside the class to improve daily life activities.
Harijati teaches both types of Yoga: Yang Yoga such as Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, as well as Yin Yoga. During her retreat week in Ibiza Yoga, she will combine both classes, the first 1.5h is Pilates and the second 1.5 hour is Yoga.


I am unable to be contacted online currently. Please check back regularly as this will be sorted out soon.


Teaching a mixed level class at Villa Roca and Pagoda Garden 4th - 18th May Also 29th July - 11th August.

I am passionate about the health benefits that Yoga has brought to my life, on and off the mat, and feel a deep sense of gratitude that I get to now share this.

Having been trained with a background in performance, movement and dance, I have always enjoyed the physical and viewed the body as a wonderful tool for expression.

Dabbling in various styles of Yoga over the last 10ish years from Bikram to Ashtanga, it was only when I discovered Vinyasa Flow whilst in Thailand that I immediately was drawn to the creative sequencing and sense of grounding and inner peace it gave me.  

That is when my own practice deepened and I made the the life changing decision to train as a Yoga Teacher which was partly in Spain and in London.

My 200 hr TT was with FLY Frog Lotus, which has given me the solid tools to teach creative, intelligent flow style Classes for all levels, with an emphasis on alignment and safety in the postures.  

Your week with me will cover 

Daily Meditation

Daily Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Key Pranayama Techniques


Yoga Nidra

Accompanied by a great playlist, a sense of fun, & lightness. 

The Journey is the destination

I am unable to be contacted online currently. Please check back regularly as this will be sorted out soon.

Hugh Poulton

Teaching 26th August to 8th Sept 2018

I really enjoy teaching retreats at Ibiza Yoga. There’s always a diverse range of people and experience and the location is stunning. As well as running retreats I run Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programmes ( http://bit.ly/1LA4nqk ) for Yoga and Mindfulness bringing the integrated approach that has evolved over 35 years of practice to a wider audience with a new generation of teachers. This recent article in OM Yoga Magazine gives a flavour of what I teach: http://bit.ly/2fX0g0l . Whatever your experience, there’s always more to learn and using the natural energetics of the body will give a new dimension to your yoga practice on and off the mat. 
During the week you will find a fresh way to explore the full dynamic range of your flexibility. Working this way changes your relationship to traditional ideas of strength and movement. As you become more familiar with working from balance and not shape you experience the intelligent strength of your body boosting stamina and performance without tension or increased effort. You will work with the mind as much as the body integrating Mindfulness practice into the physical yoga and experiencing how habitual patterns limit your natural capacity both physically and mentally.  As this becomes more clear the path of practice to a fuller expression of ourselves is revealed. 
Through a wide variety of yoga postures based but not limited to those of the 1st and 2nd series of Ashtanga I will explore with you how patterns of holding and bracing mistaken for ‘support’ prevent free movement and experience of effortless backbends and weightless inversions. This developing familiarity with the energetic body shows how this deep seated tension is not only unnecessary but is an integral part of what limits us. As you begin to slowly release this and replace it with your natural energetic support the patterns of holding within the mind associated with the physical feeling in the body become intuitive. In this way we initiate the compassionate route to healing and balance.
There are four opportunities to expand your practice with early evening Mindfulness sessions at €25 per session ( the Mindfulness Course is an optional extra and paid direct to Hugh via credit card through Ibiza Yoga Ltd or cash to Hugh ) These will cover: 
Awakening to our senses,  
Being present in all we do. 
Relating to Challenges 
Turning towards the difficult. 
True flexibility 
Getting our egos out of the way. 
Constructive selfishness 
When to put ourselves first and the confidence to be imperfect.


Contact Me: This is to contact the teacher in regards to the teacher teaching at Ibiza Yoga. A copy of your email will be sent to the London office and where applicable it will also be answered.
For more info on Hugh Poulton please visit www.yogaunlimited.co.uk. (This is the teacher's personal website and it may or may not contain information relating to them teaching at Ibiza Yoga. It may also include other retreats where they teach, their private classes in their home town etc.

Federica Rossi

Federica will be teaching a mixed level class at Villa Roca / Pagoda Garden 1st - 13th July and the 9th - 21st Sept.

I first experienced yoga three years ago. At first, I was just curious and thought I could use it to complement my fitness routine (gym and pole dancing) – I saw it as nothing more than a series of postures and stretching exercises, which could help me develop strength and flexibility and increase muscular length. Because my initial approach was mainly physical, I chose to practice Ashtanga, which I found dynamic and engaging. 

The more I practiced, the more I realized that yoga is something else. I learned the importance of breathing, understood the connection between breathing and movement, and discovered that practicing yoga opens our energetic channels as well as our minds, helping us to reach higher levels of consciousness. Physical exercise is just a way in which we access our spiritual dimension.

After practicing for two years, I decided to deepen my knowledge of Ashtanga by spending one month in Goa, India, to study and practice in a yoga school. My training included philosophy, anatomy, alignment, pranayama and meditation techniques. At the end of my month in India, I received the Yoga Alliance 200-hour certificate, which allows me to teach. Following my experience in Goa, yoga has become more than a physical practice for me. It’s become a state of mind, a way of living and interacting with the world. 

Even though when I am on my own I practice Ashtanga, which gives me discipline and helps me to stay focused, I usually teach Dynamic Vinyasa flow classes (influenced by Ashtanga). I like Vinyasa Flow because it gives me the opportunity to use my creativity and focus on specific parts of the body.

The goal of my yoga classes is to guide people towards a healthy lifestyle, mental peace and a deeper level of physical fitness. It’s all about developing the body-mind-spirit awareness.

I am based in Milan, Italy, where I teach individuals and groups at both beginner and intermediate levels. For each of my classes, I plan and design integrated and balanced lessons that take into account my students’ experience, physical ability and specific requests. Of fundamental importance is assisting them in postures, helping to find their perfect pose, always  keeping their bodies safe during the practice.

Contact Me: This is to contact the teacher in regards to the teacher teaching at Ibiza Yoga. A copy of your email will be sent to the London office and where applicable it will also be answered.

Mascha Kuchejda


Teaching a mixed level ~ September 2018 at Villa Roca and Pagoda Garden 


To me, Yoga is a philosophy, a way of life and also a healing method for

body, mind and soul.

I want to offer my students a way to strengthen their bodies, calm their

minds and create healing from within. I teach beginning, intermediate and

advanced students.

My life has brought me to Yoga eight years ago.

Apart from an anatomical focus and correct alignment in the asanas,

becoming more aware and existing in this world with an open heart is what

is important to me. I teach Yoga to communicate awareness and love, instead

of fear. Meditation and mindfulness - instead of hurry and greed.

I understand Yoga in the classic sense oft he Sutras as the interaction of all

the eight limbs and have been studying the yogic literature for a long time

now. I have been teaching Yoga in Milan, India and California.

Recently, I have completed the advanced 500 hours teacher training in

beautiful Agonda, India, where I could further deepen my teaching

experience in terms of anatomical focuses and connect to the great

spirituality of India.

My teaching styles reach from Vinyasa Flow to Low Flow and Yin. I am

happy to lead workshops both on condition based yoga, teach specific targetgroups and teach on philosophical and spiritual topics.

Contact Me: This is to contact the teacher in regards to the teacher teaching at Ibiza Yoga. A copy of your email will be sent to the London office and where applicable it will also be answered.

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