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Hire The Whole Retreat

We can hire the whole site to you to run your own retreat in 2023 or you can run your retreat side by side ours :

We can accommodate up to 37 guests in high season.  

12 guests in Villa Roca 

10 guests in The Pagoda Garden

The Cube accommodates 2

The Jail holds one guest

The Casita accommodates 6 

Villa Nova accommodates 6

All accommodation is on the same site and all within 30 second walk from each other.

We can provide a breakfast that is available 24/7.  

See for deatils http://www.ibizayoga.com/menu.php

We can supply one meal a day . Vegetarian . Usually between 4 to 6 dishes to choose from . Buffet style. 

The beautiful world famous Benirras Beach is just a 3 minutes walk along a private path, that has 4 restuarants , bars , juice bar , ice cream stand , outdoor hippy market , showers , pedalows and more. 

The more students you bring the better price per head we can offer. 

If you wish to use our facilities to run your own reteat and you can not fill up all the spaces , we could collaborate with you in order to fill the spaces . We receive 7 millioin hits a year from our web site. 

Let us know your budget and we can let you know what we can offer for that sum.  

We require a resonable sized sum deposit in order to secure the retreat for your use. 

Thank you for your interest in hiring the whole retreat.

Below are some FAQ's

Accommodation ?

 How many students could I host, pending the maximum number your space can accommodate, inclusive of myself and an assistant? 

up to 37 students depending on your choices. 

What is the minimum

10/12 which is the whole of Villa Roca.

This is broken down into the following accommodation and all accommodation is on a shared basis so 2 persons to one space .

12 guests in Villa Roca 

10 guests in The Pagoda Garden

The Cube accommodates 2

The Jail holds one.

The Casita accommodates 6 

Villa Nova accommodates 6

·       How many shared rooms and single rooms do you have? 

All the rooms / pagodas / Can either be made as singles / double or twin.

.   With each room please detail the bathroom situation - shared or individual

In Villa Roca   Room 1 & 3 share a bathroom Room 2 & 4 share a bathroom. Room 5 has ensuite.
Pagoda Garden has two showers one hot one cold , two sinks and one toilet all outdoor
The wooden chalet uses either bathroom of 123 or 4 in Roca 
2 Teepees and Cube use the Villa Nova bathroom which is connected to the villa but outside .
Villa Novas rooms all have ensuite 

What is the cost to host a retreat in your space?
Prices range from £1000 in low season to £8000 in high season.  There are many variables - let us know your requirements and we shall quote to you.

·       What is the pricing and payment policy for the host teachers?
The host teacher brings their own group and pays a set amount as stated  above
·       My past experience is that centers offer complementary accommodation and food for the host teacher and one assistant. Do you also offer this?  
 No, we quote on the total number of people that will be staying at the retreat / hiring the whole place, to include teachers, assistants, chefs and so on. 
How many meals per day does your kitchen offer?
We offer one vegetarian buffet meal per day we can make that Vegan if desired.  You do not have to use us to do your catering.  We can quote on food or not food.
               .   What type of food do you supply ? 
For the retreats we run we usually provide in each meal a choice of between 4 to 6 dishes , so that this can cater for both vegetarian and vegan diet at the same time .  If you want 100% vegan our chef can do that.
 ·       Are beverages included with meals?
We include fruit juices , teas , coffees and filtered water 24/7 a full breakfast list is available here http://www.ibizayoga.com/menu.php
and a sample menu 

You do not have to have our breakfast you can do your own thing if you wish.
 ·       Do you offer snacks, tea, coffee and fruit during the day?
Fruit juices , teas , coffees, filtered water and fresh fruit and yogurts. 24/7  . Again you do not have to take this option.

·       How big is your yoga shala and what is the maximum number of students who can practice in the space?
We have had up to 22 student on the deck.  If you were to bring 34 students it would be a case of having to run two classes a day.  

.   What is the equipment you have onsite in the yoga room (props)
 Yoga mats , blocks and belts .


·       Can you please detail the best way to come to your center and the closest airport ?
The closest and only airport is 25 minutes away , you can use taxi or bus .  We can organise collection from airport starting at Euros 45/50 for one person. 
.    Do you offer airport transfer shuttle services? If yes, please provide details on the cost and distance.
Distance 26 kilometres prices - 3 guests sharing a cab €50

·       Is there a wifi connection in your center ?
Yes Villa Roca has a sattelite dish which reaches 2 of the Pagodas and the Med Hut and Villa Nova has it own wifi.

During the winter months the best option would be to hire both Villa Roca and Villa Nova as the latter has the indoor space to practice yoga. 

If your quesiton is not answered please email us and we shall answer .


All questions and negotiations to dan@ibizayoga.com


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