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If you want to be a teacher at Ibiza Yoga please click here.

We currently have Tina teaching through the winter of 2019 going into 2020.  Week long courses with log fires and cournty or seaside walks.  

We so far have two teachers in store for you for the spring /summer of 2020. Coming from far afield and keen to offer their own take on the various dynamic styles of yoga available these days.  

Below are the dates of each teacher along with a brief biography and some words to describe what a class with any given teacher will be like.  

Please read the biography of your chosen week so you are familiar with the style and form of your teacher.  

The level of yoga is mixed / general which is designed to suit a student of all levels from beginner to intermediate. 


Teachers for 2020 summer season are Tina Russo and Alison Fuller 


From December 2019 to March 2020 we have Tina Russo teaching everyday a one and half hour class. 

(last update 17.12.19)


In April we have Katherine Winter (tbc) and Tina Russo

Dates in May and June for Alison Fuller (all to be confirmed soon) 





Teaching 19th July 2020 through to and including Friday August 7th 2020


His bio and photos are to follow... 

I am unable to be contacted online currently. Please check back regularly as this will be sorted out soon.

Tina Russo

Tina is teaching the following dates  December (including Christmas) 2019  January, February , March 2020 and again in July and August 2020.

Tina is teaching between December 2018 and Easter 2019. Including Christmas day.

Tina Russo was Born in the late 1960s in Toronto, Canada and I graduated after 4 years of College with an Arts diploma.

After years of study of living with my inner struggles, I attended Acting classes and was involved in the Acting & Film industry!

During that time I become deeply involved on a journey of Spiritual Detoxing, to discover my own Inner Happiness.

Through my inner desire to find this happiness & renewal of my spirit, deep within my soul. I was guided to a practice that comes from my cell's memory, the discovery of my Passion, Yoga.

As my journey with my Passion continues after 16years, I have become a silent witness to my own well-being.  Aware and observing without judgment or expectations, my breath brings me in touch with my own soul.

The transformation of mind, body, and spirit.  The yoke, the union, has inspired and transformed my physical and mental well-being.

Achieving a balance in my everyday life reaching a state of inner calmness, that brings a beautiful sense of peace.

My love for my practice keeps moving up the ladder of enlightenment! I am registered and recognized by the U.S. Yoga Alliance with over 500RYT, my training techniques in Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Yin yoga, Bhakti, Restorative, chair yoga, SATCHIDANANDA, Sivananda, Iyengar, yoga therapy, kids yoga, kritan, meditation

Today I am dedicated to sharing my blessings and passion with people who are guided to the journey of practice yoga.

I am an Independent Yogini,I am registered and recognized by the U.S. Yoga Alliance with over 500RYT,my studies,training and techniques are in Hatha,Vinyasa flow,Ashtanga,Yin yoga, Bhakti, Restorative, chair yoga,SATCHIDANANDA,Sivananda,Iyengar, yoga therapy,kids yoga, kritan,meditation since 2009 and also a freelance writer and Photographer and been on a journey of travel through India and Europe for the past 3years.  I teach private yoga classes and love to do energy healing upon request.  Presently I am living in Spain’s Balearic Islands between Mallorca & now Ibiza, with the beauty of Mother Nature surrounding me.  My Love for Yoga goes beyond 15years of Appreciation and all its Healing Powers along my journey in life.  I am Happy to be a witness to the grand evolution of the practice of Yoga being loved in Abundance.  To give back to more people willing to embrace this beautiful practice is a blessing of my spirit and brings me great Joy


Contact Me: This is to contact the teacher in regards to the teacher teaching at Ibiza Yoga. A copy of your email will be sent to the London office and where applicable it will also be answered.

Alison Fuller

Teaching in April May & June 2020 (dates to be confirmed, a total on one month within this 3 month period) last undate 17.12.19

I fell in love with yoga as soon as my feet touched the mat several years ago. I have since completed two teacher training in India. I completed 200 hours Hatha and Ashtanga in Rishikesh 2016 and then a 300 hours Hatha and Vinyasa in Dharamsala 2017. I run regular classes and workshops of my own in the UK Brighton. The classes integrate all aspects of a traditional yoga class such as breath awareness, postures, sun salutations, and some creative flowing sequences. Both dynamic and relaxing my classes have been described as strong yet meditative. I have recently been volunteering teaching yoga at a hospital for people with mental health challenges, the transformation on the ward through yoga has been so amazing to watch and I'm really proud to have been part of such a rewarding project. I teach from the heart and can adjust to different types of people/levels.
In my spare time, I'm usually attending gong baths, hiking up hills and mountains, teaching at yoga retreats, traveling the world, om-ing it out at yoga festivals, dancing around to music and studying the astrological stars.
I am unable to be contacted online currently. Please check back regularly as this will be sorted out soon.

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If you want to be a teacher at Ibiza Yoga please click here.