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Week Pass - What is it?


We are now open all year round and now including Saturdays.

Join a week-long retreat without using our accommodation.

6 2 hour yoga classes in the beautiful beach setting of the valley of Benirras.  

Learn breathing techniques and new postures, the 2-hour class flies by, with time included for relaxation at the end.  

Please note from 1st November the class is one and half hours long daily.

Saturdays class is for one hour only all year round.

This year we have 11 visiting teachers, be sure to check out who will teach you.  All biographies are found here http://www.ibizayoga.com/teachers/.

We provide everything you need you just need to bring yourself to class.  

You will join the retreat at the start of the guests staying at the Villa/s, so other like-minded people who are on retreat for various reasons but one reason is the pursuit of a stronger, fitter, more flexible body.

After yoga, a 5 dish vegetarian buffet will be served on the terrace beneath the yoga deck.  The oversized table sits the whole group, who eat to the sound of the birds and the gentle breeze in the trees.  

Leave your car in our driveway car park and after your meal, take our private path to the beach a short 3 minute walk away.  Walk passed many massive well established giant pine trees to one of Ibiza's best-known beaches - famous for its sunsets, Sunday drumming and large rock named the King of Benirras.

Week Pass Q & A’s

What do I get 
A 2 hour class of yoga 

What is included
A lovely 5 dish vegetarian meal served after class

How do I pay 
You can pay online using a credit card, Paypal debit card or bank transfer.

Can I pay cash on the day 

Do I need to bring a yoga mat 
No, we supply them but if you like using your own 
by all means, bring it along.

What to wear
Loose fitting gym wear type clothes and bare feet 

Where do I leave my shoes 
At the entrance to the yoga deck 

Where is the yoga deck in the Summer April to November 
On the roof of Villa Roca under a tol de sol/sunshade

Where is the yoga held in the winter November to March 
Usually in the living room of Villa Nova, which is the villa below Villa Roca 
it has a log fire and large windows looking out over the terrace and garden.

I would like to buy a week pass but only do 1 hours per day and not
have a meal.

The price for that is  €252 payable PayPal / credit card. The price includes the one hour

Saturday class.

Where is the meal cooked 
The daily meal is cooked in the kitchen next to the yoga room in 
Villa Nova 

How many people in the class
Depends on time of year anything from 6 to 20
Winter small groups of 2 - 4

How to find us 
If you book online a map will be sent to you if you are paying
in cash then use this link to see the map http://www.ibizayoga.com/getting-here/

Our Aim 
Make you fitter and healthier.

Where to Park
When you drive up our driveway there is parking to the left and to the right 
please don't park at the top as we use that area for deliveries.

Lunch / Evening meal - what to do 
After yoga, go downstairs to the terrace below the deck and help yourself
to the buffet, take a seat at the table and enjoy the cuisine.

After I have booked what do I do 

You will receive a receipt and confirmation of booking plus a map. We ask

that you email us the actual date/day you will visit us.  Our system

just knows you will arrive sometime within a one-week time span, we need

you to tell us exactly which day so we can let the chef know to prepare
food for you.

What to bring 
Bottle of drinking water, handkerchief or tissue, hair tie if long hair.

How long will I be at IY 
From the time of arrival to time of departure allow for 2hours and 45 minutes.

Who do I ask for when I arrive 
Ask for the teacher that is teaching in that particular week as he/she
will have been informed of your arrival and participation. 

The week's retreat starts on a Sunday anything I should know about that particular day
Sundays are busy in Benirras because of the popular drumming session that occurs on the beach.

We put a chain across our gate around 2 pm to stop the general public parking in our garden

. You will need to release the chain and put it back on.  Allow extra time on a Sunday because traffic is heavy. If you arrive late, expect to tell the police man you are visiting the yoga centre to get through. 

How to find us 
There is a map to be found here at the bottom of the page  http://www.ibizayoga.com/getting-here/   it is to scale . 

The Time of each class .
The timetable below is for a general idea plese confirm before arrival on the 1st day at what time the class will start as we make small changes from time to time depending of various issues. 

You havent answered the question that I have .
Then please email us and we shall info@ibizayoga.com