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Room 2 Roca

Situated at the back of the villa a very basic bedroom but a favorite of many returning guest and

historically tends to get booked up first.

Receives the least natural sunlight/daylight as there is only one small window. All the other rooms have ceiling to floor doors that open out of the Villa.  

This room is enclosed within the Villa and that is the appeal to some guests.

The one window has the view of pagoda 3 in the garden and the landscape beyond.

The window's wooden shutters open up to on to the steps that lead up to the yoga deck.

The pagoda guests use the steps to access their pagodas.  

Large wardrobe for storage.

Full-length mirror.  

The Bathroom is next door and is shared with Room 4.

The price of your holiday includes 18 hours of yoga and 1/2 board food all rooms are two-share but possible to book to have alone.

Universal Points. The communal areas of the villa are also cleaned once a day during the yoga lesson. We do not enter the rooms. We have two Wifi providers one by satellite and the other by phone line. We have a carbon filter on a water tap in the kitchen for drinking water. Two cats and one chihuahua, live in the Villa below and rarely visit Villa Roca. All toilets on site are not connected to main drainage which means we, like many villas in the Campo, have a septic tank and waste drains by method of soakaway. We kindly ask that 95% of the bathroom toilet tissue paper used is placed in the bins provided in the toilet area which are emptied once a day. We hope to have quiet time from midnight to 8 am, so everyone is fresh for yoga each day. There is one welcome meeting each week on a Sunday at 10.30am.

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