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Retreat Schedule


Welcome to Ibiza Yoga. Check in 2pm - 10pm

Tea, coffee, fruits and juices will be available at the retreat on your arrival.

Settle in, relax, take a walk to the beach and familiarize yourself with the beautiful area of Benirras beach.

Cafes and restaurants are open on the beach for drinks, lunch or dinner.


Have a lovely lie in this morning. The Yoga class is in the afternoon today.

Self serve breakfast, in your own time.

10am Welcome Meeting at the terrace table of Villa Rocas .

Afternoon Yogaat 4pm until 7pm : Your first 3 hour class .

Sunday Evening: relax after Yoga, and head down to Benirras beach for the famous sunset and drumming session.


Self serve breakfast.

Morning Yoga: 3 hours of an energizing and dynamic Yoga practice.

Class start time 9am

Noon Finish Yoga.

Healthy Vegetarian lunch will be served on the terrace after the Yoga class.


Self serve breakfast.

Morning Yoga: 9am until noon . 3 hours of an energizing and dynamic Yoga working deeper into the practice.

Hearty, Vegetarian lunch will be served after the Yoga class.

Suggestion of a 3 hour 8 kilometre walk to the next bay, Moon beach This activity is Free and non guided .


Self serve breakfast.

Morning Yoga: 9am until noon . 3 hours of an energizing and dynamic Yoga practice.

Delicious Vegetarian lunch will be served after class.

Afternoon: free time to relax, swim, or take a trip the famous Hippy Market in Es Canar (not included / a suggestion only)


Lie in! Relax, have a healing massage by one of our therapists.

4pm until 7pm Yoga class = 3 hours of restorative Yoga practice.

Evening: after Yoga, a vegetarian dinner will be served on the terrace as the sun goes down.


Self serve breakfast.

Morning Yoga: 9am until noon = 3 hours of Yoga practice and closing meditation.

The last lunch of a beautiful vegetarian meal will be served on the terrace after class today at noon.

Afternoon: your last chance to enjoy a relaxing massage by our in house therapists, have a swim and top up your tan!

or visit local cave for €20 per person includes the 45 minute cave tour. Total trip time 2 hours.

Evening: free to party, relax, or enjoy a meal on the beach.


Self serve breakfast.

Check out time 10 am (once you book, if you wish to stay the entire day this is possible - payment available from within your account with us )

And time for good byes …

Weekly Walk to Moon Beach

A walk to the next bay , named Moon beach takes places each week . The walk starts from Villa Roca , walk 100 metres up the hill along the Callle de Benirras towards the San Juan Road . From here we start along the uphill path that meanders its way higher and higher . The stunning views along the way are of the valley that Benirras is part of and the hills beyond at highest point it is possible to see the centre of the entire island. We pass an old disused Lime Kiln surrounded by pine trees and shortly after we are at the top.

The view from the top of the mountain is probably the best to be had of Benirras Bay, Ills des Bosc and the Mediterranean beyond . From the best view point , we start the journey down the other side of the mountain toward our final destination. In view now is Isla den Caldes and some days on the horizon you may see the Ferry that passes from Magalouf to Denia and back daily. The path zig-zags its way almost to the end , where it levels out in a straight line . Moon beach is found via a pathway through a small gulley. A beach that has no houses or no roads to it , just a dirt track makes it available to the few fisherman huts that are built into the rocky hill at sea level next to the sandy shore. Its a small beach but quite a delight.

Moon beach is famous for its hippie parties going back to the 1970's.

What do I wear ? Trainers will suffice it has been tackled with flip flops but not advised.

What do I take with me ? Sun hat , bottle of water.

How long does the walk take ? 3 hours

Difference in Altitude ? 100metres

Distance there and back ? 10 kilometres = 8 miles

Trip to local cave named Can Marca

To see where the smugglers kept their contraband.

The guided tour of the cave takes 45 minute. Refreshments can be purchased afterwards on the platform over looking Port San Miguel

The stalactites and stalagmites are waiting to be seen.

From the first viewpoint , there is a panoramic view over the whole of the bay of the Puerto San Miguel , also know as Puerto Balanzat . The Murada island can be seen in the back ground where a unique prehistoric species of Muradensis lizard lives. After following along a path cut out of the rocks, one reaches the mouth of the cave , at a level of 14 metres above sea level . This is the starting point of the visit. The cave is over 100,000 old and has suffered ice ages and tropical heat waves. Discovered by smugglers who used it for hiding their goods, hoisting them up from the sea from an opening located 10 metres above sea level . It is still possible to see the red and black paint marks signposting another way out of the cave in case the smugglers had to escape in a hurry.

The tour of the cave costs €9.

January 2019 closed in Jan 

February 2019 closed  in Feb

March 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 11am-12.30pm 10am-12.30pm no yoga 
April 2-5pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 10am-1pm 2-5pm 10am-1pm on saturdays
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